information about rented cars

-3- There certainly are more than three possibilities to rent a car for holidays: via a travel agency at home, on arrival at the airport on Crete or locally at the holiday resort. This order corresponds to the prices that are to be expected.

-2- At Heraklion Airport there are greek and international car rentals. With their employees one may talk personally about a suitable car and its price.

-1- Local car rentals mostly have quite good offers. The cars' condition and their service is comparable to bigger companies. Have an eye on the insurance.

Nearly all car rentals of Plakias deliver the car directly to crete's airports in Heraklion or Chania, some may even organize the transfer to Plakias for you.
To make a reservation by phone, the flight-number and time of arrival should already be known, confirmation by fax ist necessary. Call them, ask for good conditions, take your own choice.


Prices differ about a fifth amoung Plakias' car rentals and are mostly lower than offers from abroad.

rent-a-car in Plakias (prefix: +30-28320-)
  Telefon Fax
Anso Travel 31712 31713
Monza 31882 31883
Alianthos 32033 31197
Auto Preveli 31227 31282
Finikas Travel 31785 31632